Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Are you shocked?!! It's only been ..what.. 8 months since the Wall Family last blogged....:) Well, so is life. LOTS has happened over the past 8 months. LOTS has changed over the past 8 months. I am not here to share all those details today..... but rather this post is to send out a Christmas greeting, basic family updates, and share our thanks to many wonderful family and friends!

Here are some basic family updates:

Keven - Still is a partner in his own company, Wasatch Drywall & Paint. Helping to manage a business keeps him busy but he still manages to be a Sunday School Teacher, devoted Tuesday night basketball player, fun Daddy, and wonderful husband.

Cary - Enjoying wonderful health after recovering from heart surgery last Christmas. Busy being mommy a.k.a. reading teacher, referee, cook, nurse, and playmate. Was called to be the 1st Counselor in the Brighton LDS Girls Camp Presidency. This has definitely kept her busy!!

Hannah - Our social butterfly. Busy taking dance and loving her preschool class. Enrolled in a musical kindergarten class where she has learned the basics of music theory and can play some simple piano. She can write her name and anything else you ask, as long as you can help her spell the words. :) She is also learning how to read and is excited to have a few books she can read on her own. Tall as ever and continues to amaze us with her sweet, sensitive personality.

Spencer - our busy boy! Wow, this kid loves anything that causes a mess - toothpaste, toliet paper, and pouring water all over are just a few favorites. He also has an obession with car keys and vacuum cleaners. Random, we know. He knows his whole alphabet and loves to point out letters off the billboards we see around town. Everyone continually tells us that Spencer looks like a little man... and we must agree. How we love our little man!

Early in April this year we had the opportunity to sell our home. Both Keven and I had felt impressed to sell it and after exploring that option we had a buyer a few weeks later. So we are relocating.... still looking at where exactly to relocate. We definitely have felt guided as we have searched for homes in the past and continue to feel that as we look now. We don't know exactly where we will end up but believe the Lord is aware of us. We have a few offers in on short sale homes and are hoping to have some answers come February/March. Right now we are living in Holladay and enjoying the fun people we have met.

What a year 2011 has been! At this time last year we were getting home from the Mayo Clinic, moving into a new home, needing LOTS of help to care for our family, etc, etc. Wow. What an experience last Christmas was for our family! Definitely a life changing one. Thank you again for the many of you who gave us assistance during that time. I think we will be forever issuing thanks for the help we were given. A special thanks to those secret folks who delivered an unforgettable Christmas tree to us. We don't know who you are....but your awesome tree is up in our house this year and will be up every year to remind us of the true spirit of giving. A story in the Ensign this month made this statement, "I learned that real charity is a priceless spiritual gift that propels us to act in the Savior's place." We believe that to be true. We also believe that those who are recipients of these acts of charity receive priceless spiritual gifts because their lives are touched forever. We know this from personal experience.

At this Christmas season we find ourselves feeling very grateful for the birth of our Savior and what His life means to us individually. His mighty example is so humbling and touching. We personally testify that He is real and His mercy is available to all. We have felt that mercy and can testify from personal experience that we have seen miracles and wonders brought from His charitable example.

We love you all and wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!

The Wall Family - Keven, Cary, Hannah, and Spencer :)

P.S. Sorry there are no pictures. We had a fun video we tried to upload - a awesome video that Keven made for my, Cary's, one year heart surgery anniversary - but it wouldn't work. So just picture our smiling faces together and hopefully that can satisify any picture needs you might have:)


Holly Harris said...

Happy to read how you are doing! You have such a darling family! Merry Christmas!

A Munnerlyn said...

Love the family update! I am so glad you are all doing so well. I am grateful for your heart recovery. Happy Holidays to you and you family. Merry Christmas!